Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Corneal Abrasion Healing Process

I just had a corneal abrasion quite recently. It was a medium sized scratch. The pain took abt 3-4 days to completely subside. I have been regularly goin for my eye check-ups and as of now, the abrasion has almost completely healed. I just need to know how long it would take for me to gain back my normal vision.. which was perfect before this abrasion. Is there anything I need to do or can do to gain back clear vision asap? Or if I need to wait for it to return back to the normal clarity .. how long more does it usually take if it doesn't have any major issues to worry about?

Answer from Dr. Nikola Gjuzelov :
If the corneal abrasion was restricted to the epithelial layer and there is no infection, there probably won't be any consequences to your vision. But if the abrasion was deeper and affected the sub-epithelial layer, a scar on the cornea will be formed as a permanent consequence. Scars on the cornea will permanently damage the vision on the affected eye. A corneal scar and permanent vision damage will also occur if a corneal abrasion, no mater the depth, is complicated with an infection. There is nothing you can do except to follow doctor's instructions for preventing infection. Recovery time and eventual consequences to the vision depends upon the severity of the abrasion and eventual complications.

When minor abrasions occur, healthy cells quickly fill the defect to prevent vision-diminishing infection or irregularity in refraction. If the abrasion penetrates the cornea more deeply, the corneal abrasion healing process takes longer—24 to 72 hours. Deeper scratches can cause corneal scarring that can impair vision to the point where corneal transplant is needed. Specific incidence and prevalence data are not available, but corneal abrasion is the most common eye injury in children presenting to emergency departments.

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