Friday, 16 March 2012

Corneal Abrasion Home Treatment

Corneal Abrasion Home Treatment:
  • Gently rinse the eye with tap water or eyewash. One can always use clean water to remove a foreign object that is causing a lot of irritation in the eye. An eye cup can be extremely useful to thoroughly rinse the eye. Or else one can use hands to pour water, to flush off dust particles. Another effective corneal abrasion treatment is to fill clean water in a large vessel and then dip the head into it, keeping the eyes open. You can also blink the eyes, intermittently in the water to wash off the object. A saline solution can also be a good option to rinse the eye.
  • Place your face in a bowl of water and then open and close eyes under water.
  • If you have dirt under the upper lid, pull the upper lid out and draw it over the lower lid.
  • Use a moist cotton swab to remove dirt from the corner of the eye.
  • Avoid exposure to bright light.

Additional home care for corneal abrasion:

  • Avoid exposure to bright light.
  • Avoid eye makeup.
  • Avoid nonprescription eyedrops.

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